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Cooking with Kudzu Root Starch

The word “kudzu” comes from the Japanese word “kuzu” which means vine. Kudzu roots can be large and heavy, and can reach up to 8 feet and weigh 200 lbs. As a result, culling them into digestive form is laborious and expensive. That’s why the price is high in the...
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Forks Over Knives — a Film About Two Doctors and the Plant-Based Eating Revolution

Learn more about their informative prospective

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Trying Baba Again

Majadara Inspiration

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Everyone Should Have Vegan Food in Their Kitchen!!

I wish Vegan food was in EVERYONE’s kitchen!!!!

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Being Vegan with less oil!

Well I have been totally Vegan for about 3 days now!  I mean on my new plan of losing weight enough to get into the little black dress!  So that plan includes way way less oil.  Especially olive oil!  I love olive oil.  I have been cooking with a cast iron skillet and...
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The other day I was thinking about how it is not a struggle for me to not eat flesh anymore.  I think what happens is that if we go without meat and other flesh for long enough it seems totally weird to eat dead animals.  I was watching Anthony Bourdain and he was...
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