Having been Vegan off and on for the last 30 years I am very interested in all the new Vegan restaurants that are popping up everywhere!  Some of the culinary  approaches are tiny portions that have beautiful presentations – maybe a sheet of nori, a few sprigs of water cress and a small mound of something delicious.  I am having fun going to all of these new places.  Often times, however they are using tons of sugar and other ingredients that are not so healthy!  I am also finding that plates can range from 18 to 35 dollars and above!  My goal as a Vegan chef is to create dishes that the most main stream meat eater will love!  I want to make stuffed peppers like my Mom did and a Sunday meatloaf plate that satisfies a big over weight mid western guy who NEVER thought he would eat tofu!  I like to make tempeh and mashed potatoes that melt in your mouth with a huge serving of collard greens on the side!  Let’s face it–a family that loves Burger King will not easily convert to sushi and miso soup!   I hope you like my recipes!  Please let me know your thoughts!   Mair Berkshire